Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sleep Guard (WearOS)



SleepGuard is a WearOS app that monitor your sleep, and wakes you up with a vibration, if you suffer from nightmares (due to PTSD condition).
It will detects the patterns like high hear-rate, and body movements, and will apply advanced algorithms to detect this condition, and act upon it.

Download the app from here:


In order for SleepGuard to be able to detect PTSD condition, you need to grant it all time HR sensor access. 
On your watch, select settings, apps, click on the apps list and scroll down to SleepGuard,
Select permissions. Make sure your app follows the screen shots below.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

JUMP! For WearOS

 JUMP! For WearOS

Build For Kite-Surfers by Kite-Surfers

  • Focus only on your skill, the watch will buzz you when you have new record.
  • Advanced Algorithm for accurate height measurement. 
  • Optimized battery usage.
  • Works on any WearOS device with sd 4100 and above or  Exynos W920 and above.
  • Sync jumps to the cloud and phone (coming soon). 

Tested on Galaxy Watch 4, TWP3U.

Usage (before starting the kite session):
  • Using the watch Jump! app, make sure you make at least one G calibration, and set your kiting level.

  • Select the Jump! WatchFace. Your jumps will be automatically recorded.

  • Set always-on display (quick watch settings).

  • Make sure your watch battery have at least 50% before Jump! session.

See the usage video:

Usage (After the kite session):

  • Open the phone jump app

  • Open The watch jump app

  • Sync your jumps to the phone app (open the phone app, and click on the sync button on the watch app)

  • See your jumps in detailed view via your phone:

  • Export your jumps data to excel:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022



WindZap an App & Service that lets you get Realtime information of the wind speed, wind direction, gust. Its primarily designed for wearable devices.

The locations currently supported (more will be added in the future):

  • Israel
  • USA West Cost.
  • USA East Cost.
  • Egypt Sinai
  • Hawaii

App Features

  • Optimized for battery use: most operations are done on the server side, and the notifications are pushed to the wearable (its does not have to poll). So its very efficient (out tests shows 1% or less battery usage a day).
  • Uses a very accurate weather model and stations all over the world (DarkSky).
  • The server will push notifications only when they are needed (e.g not at night).
  • You can control the wind limit in which you will get notifications.

Supported devices
  • WearOS 2.0 and above.

  • Galaxy Watch 4, and 5:   
    • You need to allow notifications on the Samsung watch settings app:
    • Note that in some cases (app re-install) the setting was removed and WindZap did not sent notifications because of that, so if you don't get notifications, first check this.

    • You need to allow background operation to the app:

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


A simple Wear OS Remote for GoPro that works without a phone.

Download from Google Play:


To pair with GW4 / GW5 just open the watch app (it will open the pairing activity), 

Make sure that the app is allowed to work at background (Samsung Galaxy watch app, settings, apps, find weargp).

and set the GoPro to pair as an app (not as a remote).

Please note, it sometimes takes a few tries to pair, but after you did it, 

you will not need to do it again.



+ One physical button operation.

  • Click to start recording.
  • Click to end recording.
  • Long click to put the GoPro to sleep.
  • Start the app again to wake up GoPro (preferred with dedicated physical button).

+ BLE for minimum battery drain.

+ Vibrator engine for blind operation.

+ Support for water lock (settings screen): the shutter button will become blue, and you will be able to operate only via physical buttons (one button operation). water lock will release automatically after 2 hours.

Devices Compatibility:

GoPro:    It should also work on GoPro  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11. Tested on GoPro 5, 8, 9, 10

WearOS: Its should work on all WearOS 2.0 and above. tested on: GW4 classic, GW5, GW5 pro, TWP3 ultra, Fossil Gen5 

Devices pairs its verified to work:

GW4 classic, GoPro 10 

TWP3 ultra GoPro10

TWP3 ultra GoPro 9

GoPro9, Fossil Gen5

Gopro5,  GW4.

GW5 pro, GoPro Hero 8 Black.

Pairing and test video:

Reddit post with more information and promo codes:

General Tips

  • First connection (after GoPro was shut down for a few hours) take some time and few attempts (the app will do it automatically, just make sure the app is active, and the connecting icon is shown).
  • Its recommended to use the sleep (long click on the main button) if the GoPro is not used for more then 10mins, it will save the GoPro battery.

Tips for using the app in water sports.

 This was learned after many hours with the GoPro and the app in the water in which I didn't have any access to the camera (It was on the kite lines):

On the watch:

  •  Disable touch to wake, and tilt to wake (to prevent accidental drop of water starting or stopping recording).
  •  Set screen timeout to minimum (5 secs).
  • Map a hardware button to start the app (the main button).
  • The app will use single click on the main hardware button to start stop recording (On GW the back button).
  • The app will use long click on the main hardware button the put the camera to sleep (and save battery). This is not available on GW.
  • When reconnecting after sleep, click once to start the app, you will the connecting icon, then click again 2 times (short), the app will connect faster to the GoPro.
  • In case you use the watch to track your sport when using the app, its recommended to disable the laps notification, as it wakes the screen and can cause accidental recording stop / start.
On the GoPro:
  • Set lock screen on, this is to prevent a case of accidental drop of water changing the camera mode (This happened to me more then once, and ruined all the session shots).
  • Set the beep to strong.
  • Set default preset to last used video(you can't change the preset from the watch).

Promo codes:

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Android meterpreter reverse_tcp that work on the latest Android versions

Quality Android client used for Pentests

The App :

Change the Meterpreter host to your host,

If your device is not on the same network, you will need to configure port forwarding to your PC on your router.

Grant permissions to the app:

Start the Service.

If you use WSL, you will need to set a proxy to forward traffic from Windows machine 

To the WSL Kali machine:

D:\downloads\proxy-windows\proxy tcp -p ":4444" -T tcp -P ""

Here is a Video that shows how the app runs with Metasploit:


Get source from here (pass protected, contact to get pass):

Android Studio App Source

Release Notes


Removed action bar.
Fixed some UI issues.

* Work on WAN
* Can work by manually giving permissions.

Android 11
Create files in the app location - OK
Create folders sdcard - OK
Get geolocation - OK
Get contacts - NOK
Start app - OK

Android 10
Create files in the app location - OK
Can create folders sdcard - OK
Can get geolocation - OK
Get contacts - NOK
Start app - OK

Android 9
Geolocate - OK
get contact - NOK
create folder - OK
create file - OK
start app - OK

Android 8.1
Create file an edit in Any location - OK
Get contacts - OK
Geolocate - NOK
Run apps - OK

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Spotify MOL for Wear OS


Spotify Wear MOL

Spotify MOL is a modded version of Spotify to run on Wear OS (Mol stands for modded Offline), and support Offline music playback.

It supports high quality playback (the official version does not).

You can see how it runs here:


  1. Offline support.

  2. Much faster then the previous version (around x4 speed improvements).

  3. Much smaller then the previous version (only 10M in size).

  4. UI is much better for the small screen.

  5. Works great with the new Google Fit.

  6. change download quality.

  7.  Can download using cellular.

  8. Can download using Bluetooth.

New version 1.67 supports:

  1.  Ability to download via  Bluetooth (recommended BLE 4.1 and above).
  2.  Some small layout and UI improvements.

 Version 1.66 supports:

  1.  Performance improvements.
  2.  Improved usability and layout.

Download the latest version from here (1.67):

Wi-Fi Installation (easy):

On the watch:
1. Enable developer options.
2. In the Developer options, enable ADB debug, and debug using Wi-Fi.
3. The IP address of the device will appear after a few seconds - remember it.
On the PC
1. Open console, go to the folder where you downloaded the app.
2. Make sure the PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the watch.
3. Type the command (The IP is the one from step 3): adb connect (You my need to install ADB, or download directly from google).
4. Type the command: adb install spotify-wear-mol_1.65.apk
5. The installation will take a few minutes.

FireTools Installation (easy):
1. Follow the above steps on the watch (as Wi-Fi installation).
2. install easy fire tools on your phone.
3. Set the IP of your watch at the FireTV IP (in the app settings), make sure the phone and the watch are connected to the same router, and the signal on both is strong.
4. Download the app, connect and install (SideLoad) on the watch.

Bluetooth installation guide (For technical people):

Install on your Wear OS device: (Bluetooth) :

adb forward tcp:4444 localabstract:/adb-hub

adb connect

adb -s install spotify-wear-mol_1.5.apk

Full installation guide (Bluetooth Method):

On the watch:

  1. Enable developer options (Go to config -> about -> tap the version umber 7 times (it will enable dev options)

  2. Enable ADB debugging

  3. Enable Debug over Bluetooth.

On the Computer:
  1. Install ADB, and copy the APK to the installed folder.

  2. Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable (make sure you enabled adb debugging on your phone in the developer options)

  3. On the Phone wear app go to advanced settings and click on the "Debugging over bluetooth switch)"

  4. From CMD, navigate to the ADB folder and type: 

adb forward tcp:4444 localabstract:/adb-hub

adb connect

Should be "connected to" 

Make sure your APK you donwloaded is in the folder you are using, and type:

adb -s install spotify-wear-mol_1.5.apk

It will take around 3-5 mins to install on your watch

Tips and Tricks

  • After login in some cases the app is stuck on the logo. to fix it, force close the app (or restart the watch).
  • You will not be able to download music with Bluetooth. To Download a playlist to the watch close the Bluetooth connection on your phone, and let the watch connect via WIFI. The playlist should now download (see the green progress).
  • in-case the adb connect to the device fails (for example: device offline), use the adb kill-server command to restart the connection.
  • Only Wear OS system versions H and above are supported.
  • You must have premium account to download music.
  • You can update your playlist by setting the download switch to off, and on again. The app will download only the new tracks.
  • You can delete a track by clicking on the 3 dots near the track, and select delete.
  • Download using Bluetooth: Home, settings icon, download settings, download using cellular.
  • Login with facebook (work around):

If you enjoy the app, please consider a donation to support the development.



Wednesday, June 27, 2018

KML file for Google Earth

So, you want to show your pictures on the map,
And you created nice KML file with the pictures, but it doesn't work on Google Earth

The problem is that Google currently, does not support links to its own photos service, nor embeding the photos in the KML file.
The solution is to put the pictures in Microsoft OneDrive, and use this link in the KML file.
You can continue to create the KML file using Earth pro:

Here is how the image should look in the KML file:

<img src="" width="1024" height="768" />

Here is the full my full KML file (you can also create it manualy without Earth pro):