Thursday, January 12, 2023

JUMP! For WearOS

 JUMP! For WearOS

Build For Kite-Surfers by Kite-Surfers

  • Focus only on your skill, the watch will buzz you when you have new record.
  • Advanced Algorithm for accurate height measurement. 
  • Optimized battery usage.
  • Works on any WearOS device with sd 4100 and above or  Exynos W920 and above.
  • Sync jumps to the cloud and phone (coming soon). 

Tested on Galaxy Watch 4, TWP3U.

Usage (before starting the kite session):
  • Using the watch Jump! app, make sure you make at least one G calibration, and set your kiting level.

  • Select the Jump! WatchFace. Your jumps will be automatically recorded.

  • Set always-on display (quick watch settings).

  • Make sure your watch battery have at least 50% before Jump! session.

See the usage video:

Usage (After the kite session):

  • Open the phone jump app

  • Open The watch jump app

  • Sync your jumps to the phone app (open the phone app, and click on the sync button on the watch app)

  • See your jumps in detailed view via your phone:

  • Export your jumps data to excel:

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