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A simple Wear OS Remote for GoPro that works without a phone.

Download from Google Play:



To pair with GW4 / GW5 just open the watch app (it will open the pairing activity), 

Make sure that the app is allowed to work at background (Samsung Galaxy watch app, settings, apps, find weargp).

and set the GoPro to pair as an app (not as a remote).

Please note, it sometimes takes a few tries to pair, but after you did it, 

you will not need to do it again.



+ One physical button operation.

  • Click to start recording.
  • Click to end recording.
  • Long click to put the GoPro to sleep.
  • Start the app again to wake up GoPro (preferred with dedicated physical button).

+ BLE for minimum battery drain.

+ Vibrator engine for blind operation.

+ Support for water lock (settings screen): the shutter button will become blue, and you will be able to operate only via physical buttons (one button operation). water lock will release automatically after 2 hours.

Devices Compatibility:

GoPro:    It should also work on GoPro  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11. Tested on GoPro 5, 8, 9, 10

WearOS: Its should work on all WearOS 2.0 and above. tested on: GW4 classic, GW5, GW5 pro, TWP3 ultra, Fossil Gen5 

Devices pairs its verified to work:

GW4 classic, GoPro 10 

TWP3 ultra GoPro10

TWP3 ultra GoPro 9

GoPro9, Fossil Gen5

Gopro5,  GW4.

GW5 pro, GoPro Hero 8 Black.

Pairing and test video:


Reddit post with more information and promo codes:


General Tips

  • First connection (after GoPro was shut down for a few hours) take some time and few attempts (the app will do it automatically, just make sure the app is active, and the connecting icon is shown).
  • Its recommended to use the sleep (long click on the main button) if the GoPro is not used for more then 10mins, it will save the GoPro battery.

Tips for using the app in water sports.

 This was learned after many hours with the GoPro and the app in the water in which I didn't have any access to the camera (It was on the kite lines):

On the watch:

  •  Disable touch to wake, and tilt to wake (to prevent accidental drop of water starting or stopping recording).
  •  Set screen timeout to minimum (5 secs).
  • Map a hardware button to start the app (the main button).
  • The app will use single click on the main hardware button to start stop recording (On GW the back button).
  • The app will use long click on the main hardware button the put the camera to sleep (and save battery). This is not available on GW.
  • When reconnecting after sleep, click once to start the app, you will the connecting icon, then click again 2 times (short), the app will connect faster to the GoPro.
  • In case you use the watch to track your sport when using the app, its recommended to disable the laps notification, as it wakes the screen and can cause accidental recording stop / start.
On the GoPro:
  • Set lock screen on, this is to prevent a case of accidental drop of water changing the camera mode (This happened to me more then once, and ruined all the session shots).
  • Set the beep to strong.
  • Set default preset to last used video(you can't change the preset from the watch).

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