Sunday, March 11, 2018

Friends Locator

Tips and Tricks

Basic Usage

Parental Control

With this feature you can lock your child's phone simply by sending to the phone in the group (the child must be part of the group), a "Pause Child phone" command.

To be able to do this, set the child's phone as as a "Child's phone" by clicking the top right ...
and selecting this option:

And give the overlay permission to the child's phone (only the child's phone needs this permission):

Now you can send the "Pause Child's Phone" command to the child's phone, by long click on the groups member, and selecting this option. note that you will need to fill the phone number the first time its used, since this command is sent via SMS:

You can unlock the child's phone by clicking on the "Resume Child phone" option. 

Force Location phone support

  • Enable permission to send and receive SMS on your phone device.
  • Long click on the contact select "Force Location", and add his/her phone number.

The number is save securely on your device (not on our servers).
We take privacy very seriously.
This is why when you reinstall the app on another device, the phone numbers will not exist on the app, and you will need to set them again.

  • After setting the number, an SMS with your friend location will get back to you (Make sure your friend also set the SMS and location permissions in can you have problems). and you can view it on the Map by clicking on the notification, or on the specific friend.

Force Location Android Wear support

  • After setting phone numbers for some friends, clicking on the "Force Location" button on your android wear device will get the locations of your friends with phone numbers.

  • Click on the notification to view the map on your android wear device.

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