Monday, January 28, 2013

Adding C/C++ Support to eclipse

If you just install CDT it will not work!
You will not be able to compile and run C/C++ out of the box (which I personally thinks its a shame).

Here are the steps I did (this the shortest way I found):

1. download and Install mingw (on c:\ very important!).
2. go to install new software, select: select programing languages (if you use other eclipse version, change indigo to what you use0
3. select c/c++ development tools, install it.
4. restart eclipse.
5. create new project using ANSI C and minGW.

This works because:
Here is a quote from the eclipse forum:
The CDT does try to look for MinGW at known locations. One of them you are running into is probably the registry (based on the MinGW uninstall info). We do default to C:\MinGW if everything else fails so I assume that's not where you installed it.

The only thing that works is the default (C:\MinGW), When i installed on D: it never worked, and I lost half a day to understand why its not working.

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