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Videokit wizard and apps tips and tricks

VideoKit Wizards and Apps Tips and Tricks

VideoKit is an android app for advanced video and audio manipulation and editing.
VideoKit contains wizards and sub apps, like Video Compress, and Video Rotate, that does subset of the functionality.

Each app and wizard has its own user guide, but here we will try to add some more information on advanced usage and some more in depth knowledge.

Changing File picker (File Selector) from Android to Internal picker

Using the internal picker can help, in some cases, picking a specific file in a file system, something that is not supported fully by the default android video selector.

To switch to the Internal picker, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the device options button.
2. Select preferences.

3. Set the toggle button on internal picker.

Transcoding process removal by Android

In some cases, mostly in long transcoding operations, Android can remove the transcoding process, due to lack of memory, or need for processing power, It can also happen when your device runs lots of background processes (lots of notification). In this case we recommend to stop device noifications (on some devices its called Background Data), you can also go more "extreem" and try flight mode.   Don't forget to switch notifications back after trascoding finished.

YouTube upload 

YouTube upload can be done via the application using Android Uploader which is fine in most cases, but in some other cases its better to use the YouTube upload functionality, which can suffer less disconnects and upload you video file more quickly to YouTube.

Selecting output folder

1. Select a wizard ( or an app).

2. Click on the ... Button next to the out folder.

3. Click on the root.

4. Select storage, and select your external sdcard (in my case its sdcard1) by double clicking on it.

That's it, now the output folder will be sdcard1, of course you can select internal folder inside sdcard1.

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