Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Android based company

Almost every occasion i been asked the same question

"how did you start your own company.." or "how do you make money from Android market?

So here is my advice : Don't quit your job
Don't quit your current position, start building the idea in your spare time.
It'll take some time till the applications in Android market will pay you the same salary as your current employer.(might take lot of time but be patient).

Start building the infrastructure
You need to create your developer account in android market for publishing your apps which will cost $25.
Also create your Merchant Checkout Account which is the way for getting paid.
The Merchant Checkout Account for US based company is simple to use but in other locations you need to connect AdSense account to this account which can be problematic if you don't already own this account.
If you don't have AdSense try to find a friend who has one - otherwise you will need to create your own website and go through the Adsense audit which can take time.


  1. Good advice, the problem is that for most of us our day job sucks the life out of us!

  2. Thanks for your advices!
    It is still useful now 2020